Shortcut your way to podcasting success.

After taking my course on profitable podcasting for business, students will be able to successfully plan, record, launch, and monetize their own business podcast in the first season. We'll save you countless hours of research, trial and error. This course has EVERYTHING you need to go from podcast zero to podcast hero.

  • Step by step guidance on scoping out your podcast idea, recording your first season and launching with impact so you can get your podcast up and running, fast

  • Learn how to leverage your podcast platform to generate revenue for your business and unlock new opportunities for growth and income

  • Learn from the best! Jason Allan Scott brings over 10 years of expert knowledge and experience in the podcasting space, having been a show host, producer and show runner for over 100 podcast shows

Course curriculum

    1. How to use leverage to generate 6 figures from your podcast

    1. Introduction to Podcasting for Business

    2. The Crucial Role of Understanding Your "Why" in Podcasting Success

    3. Understanding Your Ideal Listener

    4. Choosing Your Success Metric

    5. Mapping Your Path to Success

    6. Setting Realistic Goals for Your Podcasting Journey

    7. Unveiling Your Unique Value Add

    8. From Niches to Riches

    1. Navigating the Name Game

    2. Crafting Your Standout Podcast Artwork

    3. Tailoring Your Format

    4. Deciding Your Perfect Episode Flow

    5. Crafting Captivating Episode Titles

    6. Creating Compelling Episode Content

    1. Essential Podcasting Equipment Setup

    2. Exploring Online Recording Options for Your Podcast

    3. Crafting Your Podcast Introduction

    4. Crafting Your Podcast Outro

    5. Choosing the Perfect Podcast Music

    6. Crafting Your Captivating Podcast Trailer

    7. Launching with Impact

    8. Engaging Your Podcast Guests

    9. Maximising SEO Impact Through Shownotes

    10. Perfecting Your Podcast Editing

    1. Syndication Secrets

    2. Tracking Your Podcast's Success

    3. Your Podcast Launch Checklist

    4. Creating a Press Release for Your Podcast

    5. Creating a Launch Team for Your Podcast

    1. Becoming New and Noteworthy

    2. Creating Content From Your Podcast

    3. The Power of PR

    4. Utilising Your Network

    5. A Quick Trick To Get More Listeners

    6. Monetising Your Podcast

About this course

  • £1,997.00
  • 62 lessons

⭐ Bonus material ⭐

Get your hands on £2,000 worth of bonuses when you join this course. Not only will you learn exactly how to start and launch your podcast, we're giving you all the extra tools you'll need to be successful with support, promotion and monetisation.

  • 💻 30 Minute Consultation with Jason Allan Scott + Personalised Feedback on Your Trailer

    £1,000 value

    Get half an of time with Jason who'll talk you through how to use a podcast for your specific business, and talk you through ways to grow and monetise your show based on the products or services you sell and the audience you serve. Plus, he'll listen to your podcast trailer and give you feedback so you can launch with impact.

  • 💰 Make Money From Your Podcast: Masterclass

    £500 value

    Learn more than 30 ways to make money from your podcast. This masterclass with give you so many ideas about the different revenue streams that you can generate with your show. Pair this with your consultation with Jason and you're onto a winner!

  • 📣 Podcast Promotion: Masterclass

    £500 value

    This masterclass will teach you how to grow your audience once you've launched your show to reach more people, get more attention, get more reviews, boost your brand awareness and establish your expertise in your space.

Amplify your voice, vision and message through podcasting


Meet Jason

Jason Allan Scott


Jason Allan Scott is a versatile entrepreneur, event planner, investor, and technophile with a global perspective. Jason's extensive journey in various technology sectors, from Proptech to Medtech and CreatorTech, has provided him with a profound understanding of diverse industries. However, it's in the world of podcasting where he truly excels. Jason has built and sold two podcast channels, once of which raised a significant $2.1 million for a fintech company and pioneered several podcasting milestones, including discovering numerous ways to monetize and promote podcasts. He's now dedicated to helping others harness the power of podcasting for their businesses, with clients achieving substantial six and seven-figure deals from their shows. His expertise even earned him a rare invitation to Number 10 Downing Street to share insights on podcasting's potential for small British businesses.

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What people say about podcasting with Jason Allan Scott

“This course is such a top-tier resource that I'd fully recommend anyone thinking about starting a podcast to get their hands on. Jason has an incredible knack for being able to provide unparalleled value.”

Jack Benson, Apptuitive

“Jason's wealth of knowledge and easy-to-follow methodology will allow anyone to create a podcast that not only provides valuable content, but also generates income. ”

Helena Escalante, New York Public Library

“I worked with Jason to launch my podcast during the pandemic and following the exact steps he laid out reached number 6 in the UK parenting podcast charts. I can't recommend Jason and this course highly enough.”

Sophia Giblin, Treasure Time Podcast

“Using the information in this course I turned my idea around in two weeks to producing a successful show - the Waves Connects Podcast. Now working on season two, I couldn't recommended connecting with Jason enough. His knowledge and support has been invaluable to me.”

Matt Coynes, Waves Connects

“Jason can see a passion project and using his years of knowledge in the podcasting arena he was to provide insight on how to monetize it and help a show thrive. Following his steps saved me months of research and my chart position shows just how valuable the learnings have been.”

Mark Felstead, We Love Our Heart